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Fat CoverMay 1st 2005. May 19th, 2005. December 31st 2005. January 19th 2006. And the new release date for Rob Grant's Fat is...

September 21st, 2006.

Just get on with it. I want to read it, you shit.

In other "release" "news", Amazon have the Red Dwarf Series One CD listed for release on July 4th this year! As we reported, Play has it listed for release on New Year's Day 2006; but Andrew Ellard has confirmed that there's only been talks about it so far ("it's been talked about, but only in vague terms, and certainly we don't even have a decision to DO it, much less what the release schedule might be").

The BBC getting ahead of themselves, there. Although they were the ones who announced to the world that City Of Death was going to be the Autumn Who release, without letting the Restoration Team know first. Idiots.

Mind you, I'm just eagerly awaiting the release of this...


I liked the bit when he said 'cunt'.

By Pete Martin on 08-05-05 @ 20:14

From what I can tell, either the publishing company has no idea how to predict release dates, or Rob Grant is very, very particular when it comes to his books.

Or he's phenomenally lazy.

By Austin Ross on 08-05-05 @ 23:56

How the hell do they know Ellard's book is 280 pages if the movie hasn't even been made yet? As for Rob Grant's book, I'm thinking he ate the manuscript and now has to type it all up again, the fat twat.

By performingmonkey on 09-05-05 @ 04:00

"How the hell do they know Ellard's book is 280 pages if the movie hasn't even been made yet?"

Probably because the publisher has commissioned 280 pages, I would have thought.

By Cappsy on 09-05-05 @ 08:55

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