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Fuck! Cunt! Shit!

Forty Years Of F***. BBC THREE, Tonight, 10pm - 11pm. And Craig Charles is fucking cunting on it.

Thanks to Andrew Ellard, who mentioned it on the TOS Webboard. The wanker.


How long before they do one on the word cunt? I've been waiting years for that.

By Cliff on 11-09-05 @ 20:52

Wow, I didn't realise you knew how to swear

By Matt on 11-09-05 @ 21:37

Just looking at BBC3's lineup for's almost surreal. Two of the best Who eps of the season ('are you my mummy?') and four, yes four episodes of 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps' (I typed out the full title just to piss myself off, if that makes sense) and this show on language. I'm not sure if there's a day that Little Britain isn't on. Where does the license fee go? Oh yeah, in Eastenders' 'actors' pockets.

By performingmonkey on 11-09-05 @ 22:45

This was good! Andrew Collins has finally figured out the point of the word 'smeg'!

By Ian Symes on 11-09-05 @ 23:41

I was too busy watching Ever Decreasing Circles.

Did anyone capture the Dwarfy bits?

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 11-09-05 @ 23:55

Cunt. Bitch. Cunt, Bitch, Motherfucker.


By Cappsy [TypeKey Profile Page] on 12-09-05 @ 03:43

Very good, Mr Capps.

By Mr Flibble on 12-09-05 @ 10:54

David Ross was in that terrible 'Green Green Grass' on Friday. I think he's a regular.

By Rad on 12-09-05 @ 16:59

Yes, it wasn't a pretty sight although I didn't expect anything less than than broad stereotypes, horrendous overacting and a hysterical studio audience.

By Pete Martin on 12-09-05 @ 20:11

EastEnders is amazing

By MJN SEIFER on 12-09-05 @ 21:24

'Yes, it wasn't a pretty sight although I didn't expect anything less than than broad stereotypes, horrendous overacting and a hysterical studio audience.'

Too true.

By Rad on 13-09-05 @ 14:42

You do know that BBC1 will never produce a decent sitcom ever again, right? Has there been anything of worth since One Foot In The Grave? Forgive me if that started on BBC2, I can't remember but I doubt it. Shows that got 'pushed' to BBC1 because it has no comedy output - Men Behaving Badly, The Royle Family, Little Britain (though it debuted on BBC3), The Office (Christmas episodes). The Little Britain move to BBC1 is the funniest because it's SO not a BBC1 show! They even had to cut certain more offensive things in it (I don't know exactly what because no I didn't watch it on BBC1).

The Green Green Grass was doomed before it was even an idea.

By performingmonkey on 13-09-05 @ 21:02

Yeah, but from what I've heard, 'Only Fools and Horses' first two series were awful. I say give 'The Green Green Grass' more episodes before jusdgement.

By James K on 13-09-05 @ 22:37

All the series of OFAH were awful.

By Mr Flibble on 13-09-05 @ 23:13

Yes, maybe, but those first two series especially.

By Rad on 13-09-05 @ 23:27

Not that that matters of course, I see little chance of improvement in this sitcom.

By Rad on 13-09-05 @ 23:28

'All the series of OFAH were awful'

I beg to differ

But I do have to agree with Mr. Rad, there will need to be great improvement in this sitcom to hold my interest

By James K on 14-09-05 @ 18:41

Stupid title for a show, I've got that monging anality of a More Than advert in my head now. FORTY YEARS! I've been swearing on TV for FORTY! YEARS! Stupid goatblowing arsebiscuits. That dog should get run over and made into kebabs. And you'd get the insurance money as a bonus as well.

By Daff [TypeKey Profile Page] on 15-09-05 @ 12:43

You'd be Lucky..

Actually it'd be more than Lucky...

Have they not realised the irony of this dog called Lucky had caused them more insurance problems over the last 5 years???!?!?!

By Danny on 15-09-05 @ 23:06

>> That dog should get run over and made into kebabs

I'm afraid the original Lucky the dog has now passed away. I read it on the front of 'Precision Marketing' magazine.

By Joey on 16-09-05 @ 19:11

I think OFAH had its peak, then it went crap once the female characters became regulars, was lovely for the first "final trilogy" where they ended it on riches and leaving the past behind for the dream they'd always sought. Then they fucked it up good and proper a few years later with ANOTHER final trilogy ("just to wrap everything up because we need a proper end") where they all became poor again for no reason and then got up to all their old antics. Except too old to do it anymore. It was really sad.

By OFAH on 18-09-05 @ 23:27

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