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Remember Robert's latest project? (Recap: A made-for-DVD project he describes as "a sizzling comedy documentary which has been brewing away in the Llewnie brain for years... a fantasy that could so easily be true".) Well, a few snippets are leaking out about it on his guestbook and forum, so I thought I'd bring them to a narrower audience:

Ooooh, I'm looking forward to this. This could be very funny indeed. Indie comedy DVDs excite me anyway, let alone ones by Robert Llewellyn...

As an extra treat, here's some photos of Robert at that Videodrome signing a while back. Stop drooling, ladies. You don't want them to become transparent.


I love how they have shoved him into a corner for those signings, "You will NOT escape the Geeks... Muahahaha"

Has he uploaded the promised trailer yet?

By Ghostie on 10-01-06 @ 02:28

Not yet. I suspect it'll come out with the launch of the dedicated website.

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 10-01-06 @ 02:29

Incidentally, Ghostie, I notice the latest two news items have disappeared from Channel 27. Are you carrying it on, then?

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 10-01-06 @ 02:31

> It involves some people involved in Dwarf!

Is this cast or crew?

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 10-01-06 @ 07:10

I have no idea, sadly.

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 10-01-06 @ 07:11

Its not getting carried on, I had to make it look like that as someone wanted the domain. Basically its due for renewal in FEB, but they just bought it off me for a lump of cash! Will direct to winthin the next couple of weeks.

By Ghostie on 10-01-06 @ 13:02

Is this the first time since the launch of his Flash site you've been able to report Robert news without bitching about his unlinkable pages?

By Phil on 10-01-06 @ 23:11

Interestingly, back in November, Rob was looking at a general release apart from just, and stated that things were going well. He also said his ambition was to see the DVD on a shelf at Tesco's...Personally, I'm really looking forward to this, tesco's or not...

By Cpt-D on 10-01-06 @ 23:49

More news! According to Robert on the forums, it'll be Region 0 like WomanWizard. Not that we couldn't have predicted that.

Also, he's said he's shipped "close to 900" of WomanWizard, which is more than I thought he would have done. So that's excellent.

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 11-01-06 @ 01:00

BTW, Mirromask is showing at the Glasgow Film Festival next month, if anyone's interested.

By Rad on 22-01-06 @ 19:01

I keep seeing Mirrormask action figures at novelty shops here in the states...still haven't found one that looks like Robert though.

By Phil on 22-01-06 @ 23:08

The new site is up...
Due out in march, the front page has appeared on
No working links as yet, but it looks interesting

By Cpt-D on 29-01-06 @ 23:30

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