Ganymede and Titan

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Tongue Tied

First published 14th September 2003.

The following song is performed by Nick Wilton, using a rather stiff, English R.P. voice. He is accompanied by a simple, fairly slow-paced piano melody, rather reminiscent of a caberet act at a posh dinner function.

It was just a winter's night in London town,
The streets outside were eiderdown,
Mr. Moon Man wore a frown,
Then spring bloomed,
Inside, as our eyes met across some crowded room,
I felt my heart go 'boom-boom-boom',
A rocket ship went 'zoom-zoom-zoom',
And you left me,

Tongue-tied, tongue-tied,
Whenever you're n-near me,
'Cause I'm tongue-tied, tongue-mmmn,
With you.

And my brain goes in a spin,
And I forget what room I'm in,
Is it T-t-tuesday,
And is it June or is it Mmmn,
The only mmmn I know,
Is that I'll never let you go,
Although you always make me...

Tongue-mmmn, tongue-mmmn,
Mmenmmever you're near,
Yes, I'm mmmn-mmner, mmnongue-tied,
Mmmnith you.

Mmnongy merr, nnnmer me,
Remmnmer mmmn, mmmngargy,
Nargygarg mmmgagerr,
Ni'm nugg-narg.

Mmnargle neegle nargle me,