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Ain't no place in the whole of cyberspace...

Launch logoGanymede & Titan is a fansite with a difference - it's still running and is updated regularly. Sadly, the vast majority of decent sites shut down a while back, with the webmasters turning their back on the programme after Series VII and VIII. The closure of well-established sites such as SmegWeb, RDW and The Clearing House left a massive void in the world of fan-sites, and we're trying to fill it. We're one of few fansites around that provides lengthy opinion pieces about a wide range of subjects, and aims to catalogue pretty much everything with a vague Red Dwarf connection. That's why there's so many sections of the site - we'll be cramming the site to bursting point with content. Just so you don't get lost, here's a brief synopsis of what you'll find in each link on the navbar.

News: This takes you to the front page, where we list details of Red Dwarf news and site updates.
Episodes: All the information under the sun about the episodes. Eventually, all 52 will be covered, along with video-only pieces and specials.
DVD: The DVDs are this: fantastic. We aim to cover each individual extra, as well as providing reviews and speculation.
Movie: Everything movie-related, which will start to fill up when filming starts in September.
Articles: Home of our opinion pieces and short guides.
Books: Reviews of the four novels, the spin-off books and pieces about reference books which mention Red Dwarf.
Parallel Universe: Articles pertaining to non-Red Dwarf projects that the cast and crew have been involved with.
Documents: Our own lists and FAQs, along with archived documents such as the PIP.
ATVRD: Documents regarding the Red Dwarf newsgroup.
Links: Other Red Dwarf-related sites, both official and fan-run.
Contact: For when you wish to contact us.

We at G&T have strong opinions on certain subjects, and we are not afraid to criticize aspects of Red Dwarf that we don't like. This upsets some people, who claim that by doing this, we can't be 'proper' fans. This is wrong - we simply adore Red Dwarf, it's just that we don't allow our love for the show to make us blind to its faults. What would be the point of a fansite if it didn't contain any of the writers' personal opinions? It would just be a less-informed version of the official site, and that would be fairly useless. It's fair to say that a lot of the site content criticizes the show, but that's because it's far easier to write an interesting article in opposition to something than it is to write a piece that praises the show while still being a good read. You try writing an in-depth article called Holoship Is A Fantastic Episode and you'll see how hard it is to make it original and worth reading. If you disagree with something we say, by all means tell us about it, just don't dismiss us as being too negative.

If my Histo-Chip serves me correctly...

The old logo. Piss poor, really. Ganymede & Titan was first launched in late 1999 by Ian Symes, who went under the pseudonym of Ian The Smegmeister. Ahem. The name was chosen as it was the first line ever spoken in Red Dwarf, and Ian couldn't be bothered to search for a suitable name any further. Also, it lent itself to the catchy slogan 'ain't no place in the whole of cyberspace'. Using Zyworld Page Builder, Ian created the logo pictured right, added the slogan, wrote a lengthy piece about how great the site was going to be, and then didn't do anything else for months.

G&T was later relaunched as part of Ian's next venture - the succinctly-titled Ian The Smegmeister's British Comedy Website. Armed with a logo, a slogan and an imaginative, yet puzzling index system, whereby there were in fact six indexes, each one introduced by a different character, Ian set to work, and updated a whopping one time. In two bloody years. The sum total of the content was this episode guide, which, as you can see, was pretty in-depth.

Version 3 of the site was launched on 14th September 2002, and, to everyone's suprise, including Ian's, it was updated quite a lot. Admittedly, it was sporadic (the site could go for months without an update), but it was going somewhere. Ian wrote some real and actual content, and the episode capsules and DVD reviews were regarded very highly. G&T was beginning to get noticed - with other fan sites and even fan club magazine Better Than Life running features about it.

The genesis of G&T - click to see the full version.The current version of the site came about when John Hoare, who spoke to Ian on the NOTBBC fora, expressed his desire to write his own Red Dwarf website. It slowly dawned on the pair that they were going to end up with two sites that said more or less the same thing, so they decided to pool their resources. John used his web design skills and ample webspace to give the site a new look and a new home, while Ian frantically scribbled more articles, ready for the relaunch on 4th April 2003, the first day of Dimension Jump X. Since then, more and more sections of the site have been added, the PIP has been hosted here, the episode capsules have been improved and John and Ian have ended up with less and less friends. Cause and effect, see?

Who the hell are you?

John, looking slightly pished.John Hoare

John Hoare is 21 years old, and is just dropping out of uni in order to concentrate on the site more effectively. Other interests include wanking off over RISC OS, and loads of crappy web stuff. He has another site, which he prides himself on having no content whatsoever. He thinks the telly is "great", and that clubs are "boring". He has never been to Dimension Jump, and considers social interaction to be a pitiful waste of time.

Ian, looking slightly pished.Ian Symes

Ian is currently studying at Solihull Sixth Form College, where he has recieved written warnings for, amongst other things, accessing 500 non-work related web pages in a week and playing poker in an IT lesson. He hopes to go onto do a degree course in Film and Video Production, in the vain hope that it will get him a job at Grant Naylor Prodcutions. When he's not working on G&T, he has a part-time job in the challenging role of cashier at Safeway. If you answer three Red Dwarf questions correctly, he'll let you use his staff discount card. He is a keen football fan, and a season ticket holder at Aston Villa, who he supports partly because they're his local team, but mainly because they used to have a goalkeeper called Rimmer.