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Creative Commons License

Most of the content of this site is bound by this Creative Commons License. Basically, copy whatever you want, but give us credit (a link to G&T would be nice), don't use it for commercial purposes, and don't alter it in any way.

The only exception to these rules are any parts of this site not written by me or Ian. This currently includes:

You MUST NOT copy these articles in any way. They were written purely for G&T - it's simply not our place to give permission for these articles to be used. (And we don't want to force authors to give up certain rights for their work either.) If you want to use them in any way, get in contact with us, and we'll pass you on to the original authors.

Apologies if these rules seem rather over-the-top - obviously, it'd be nice if we could say "do whatever you want within reason", but some people just can't be trusted, sadly. We're basically giving you the right to copy nearly all of the site for any non-commercial purposes, so that must be good. We don't allow you to alter the articles not because we're up ourselves, but just to save the confusion of having different versions floating around the place.

If you think there is a reasonable reason for breaking any of these rules, please get in touch - we may well say yes. The worst we can say is "NO, PISS OFF, YOU FUCKING PILE OF SHIT. HOW DARE YOU FUCKING ASK TO DO THAT? YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKING CUNT", so you might as well ask.