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Since the index page for this section was getting a bit clogged up with all our nonsense, we're re-jigged it into three sections: Investigations, Opinions and Reports. The Investigations articles are those which probe deeply into a Red Dwarf topic, using various resources to, hopefully, form a conclusive evaluation. The Opinions section is filled with, surprisingly, our opinions, whereas the Reports are write-ups on Dwarf-related events or TV appearances.


John Pomphrey
John Pomphrey is the man responsible for all the gorgeous lighting for the first six series of Red Dwarf. We met up with him on June 5th for a natter...

Andrew Ellard
We e-mailed DVD Associate Producer Andrew Ellard, on the off chance that he might provide us with a little interview. He agreed, and wasn't put off when 'little' expanded to 'fucking huge'.

Peter Tyler
We managed to successfully stalk him via the internet, and send him a load of questions. Hurrah!


Better Dead Than Smeg
Out Of Time features the most pulse-racing, exciting, gripping ending of any Red Dwarf episode, ever. In fact, it's hard to recall an ending to any sit-com, or indeed a sci-fi show, to end with such drama. Not bad, considering Out Of Time was written as a last-minute bottle show, and the cast were so under-prepared that they had to read their lines from an autocue.

Don't Leave Us Hanging
Cliffhangers have played an important role in Red Dwarf, from the first series through to the eighth. However, they've not always been executed very well. Here, we look back on all the cliffhangers, and their resolutions, over the years.

The Lost Episodes
Sometimes, entire scripts are dropped in pre-production, and new ones produced in their place. Not an unusual thing in television production, but we never tend to hear much about them. Luckily with Red Dwarf (and, indeed, with a lot of science fiction), fan interest in behind-the-scenes matters has meant that we have a few clues.

Programme Analysis: Back To Reality
The brief for my main assignment for the first semester of my TV Production course was to analysise any television programme, of any genre, from any period. What do you think I chose?

Promotion Prospects
Both of the DVDs released so far have been promoted by giving away a free disc through a popular publication. Strangely, both of these free discs have been released after the actual DVD itself, and, not so strangely, both have featured a popular episode and a sneak preview of some of the extra features.

What's In A Name?
Throughout the history of Red Dwarf, many episodes have been subject to changes in title, for various reasons. This article lists all of these alterations, and gives our opinions on them.


Cause and Effect
Red Dwarf's effects. Seen as irrelevant or simply boring by some people, I adore them - for the first six series, at least. Partly, of course, for how well they help tell the story - but mainly because they're cool.

Why I Actually Like Series VII...
Series VII always gets a beating. Why? Well, I don't really know - it's almost as though the peer group has always had a go at it, and therefore we must always do so in the future. But why? By Mr. Flibble.

Lonely Among Us
"The early series of RD, which Craig Charles said was Steptoe and Son in Space, were the best because of the claustrophobia, the hatred, etc." - Peter Thomas,

Continuity Announcement
With the recent discussions on and the official webboard, we ask - does the lack of continuity in Red Dwarf really matter?

The Debate: Series VIII's Setting
It's very rare that we disagree about things, but when we do it tends to be interesting. When we realise that we have opposing views about the setting of Series VIII, we decided to thrash out this article in an IRC session.

Hopping Holly
Hattie Hayridge appeared in Red Dwarf between 1988 and 1992, clocking up 19 episodes and even writing a book about her experiences. So why is she so frequently overlooked?

We look back at the short-lived Remastered series and ask simply: why?

Smeg Ups - smeg? Smeg Off!
Over two successive Winters, in 1994 and 1995, GNP and the BBC released a pair of out-take compilation videos. Aside from generating a bit of money on the Christmas gifts market, the videos helped to plug the long, long gap in between Series VI and VII. But some people disapprove of them, and we have no idea why.

Under Fire
The three most recent series of Red Dwarf have faced a lot of criticism, from fans and newcomers alike. But has this been deserved? Well, in some cases, yes. But not always.


Holly Bops
The Bridgewater Hall is fantastic. The setting for last night�s World Premiere of Red Dwarf: Concert Version, just walking into the impressive building, tucked away in a Mancunian side street, made me feel happy. By Mr. Flibble.

Dimension Jump XI Report
Is it me, or is that cockroach shuffling too loudly? For three days in the summer of 2004, 200-odd Red Dwarf fans descended on the sleepy town of Bedford. We didn't know much, but one thing we did know is how to throw a good time...

Dimension Jump X Report
I simply cannot believe that it has been a whole week since the start of the convention. For three days, I entered a strange and parallel dimension (Coventry), where the normal laws of time and space do not apply. Anything before the 4th April 2003 is irrelevant, and everything since the 6th has been tedious. This is the power of Dimension Jump.

Thanks For The Memorabilia
From humble beginnings as a small, annual collectors' fair, Memorabilia has grown into a star-studded event, taking up a huge hall in Birmingham's NEC.

RI:SE and Shine
On Thursday 8th August, Danny John-Jules appeared on RI:SE.

The Shit-Com Story
DYSWIDT? That joke was far better than anything Dawn French's scriptwriters could come up with.