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Darrell Jones takes a look at some problems with the Series I and II DVDs.

Future Extras
Ever since the DVDs were announced, hardly a day goes by without us speculating about what extras we'll be seeing on future releases. This document is a collection of our thoughts and hopes so far, as well as an evaluation of whether we got what we wanted on the discs released since the article was first published.

Cast Commentary Corrections
As part of our ongoing mission to be as geeky and obsessive as possible about a light-hearted sit-com, this page proves that the cast of Red Dwarf are utter fools who know less about the show than Gareth Gwenlan.

Easter Smeggs
After a relatively poor showing for the first two releases, both in terms of content and hiding places, the easter eggs from Series III onwards continued the trend of remarkable improvement, and they are now among the most eagerly anticipated features of the discs. Here's how to get at 'em.

You jammy goits.
There has been a lot of criticism of the Red Dwarf DVDs. That's fair enough; everyone does it, and it would be utterly wrong to sycophantically claim that they are faultless. They're far from perfect, and that's a given. However, let's consider what could have happened, if the BBC had got their own way...

Series I

Series I DVD Review
After months of waiting, hours of speculation and discussion and plenty of intriguing announcements on the official site, Red Dwarf Series I has finally arrived on DVD. And it was worth the wait.

Drunk Featurette
When the Series I DVD was released all those weeks ago, nothing divided the fans' opinions as much as the Drunk featurette. While some admired the slick editing and well-timed pace of the piece, others thought it did not reflect their idea of the humour in Red Dwarf.

Series I Deleted Scenes
This document is a complete guide to all the scenes that were cut or trimmed from the first series, with an explanation, transcript and notes.

Series I Smeg Ups
The Smeg Ups on the DVDs were rather disappointing for us long-term fans. Not only had we seen the before, on the 1995 Smeg Outs video, the Series I compilation even included out-takes from Series II.

Series II

Series II DVD Review
For the second time in just over four months, I set my alarm from half seven to make the journey to my local Woolworths; a journey that is as much spiritual as it is physical.

Alternate Personalities Featurette
The Series II DVD contained a featurette that was very similar to the "Drunk" featurette on the Series I DVD. This new featurette was much more pleasant than the last one, due to it actually being set to a good song - Little Green Bag by The George Baker Selection.

Series II Deleted Scenes
While the scenes deleted from Series I were entertaining purely for the curiosity value, the ones from Series II are actually very funny.

Series II Smeg Ups
As per the Series I DVD, no actual new out-takes were used for this compilation. In fact, it is perfectly clear that whoever made the section was working directly from the Smeg Outs tape, as we'll prove below.

Red Dwarf A-Z
In this document, we go through each letter, detailing the clips and interviews used, and give our opinions thereof.

Series III

Food Featurette
Another disc, another musical featurette. This one, included on the Series III DVD, is set to I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown, a song which is familiar to everyone in the Western World, apart from John Hoare. Nobody is ever going to agree on these extras - you either love them, hate them or are indifferent to them.

Series III Preview
We take a look at what is promised for the Series III DVD...

Series III Preview: Byte Two
Quite a lot has appeared in various places about the III DVD since our last article - and we've thought up some more rantings. Here we go...

Series III DVD Review
I like DVD release dates. Waking up early, getting down to Woolies at 9am, taking the day off college, rushing to get the review finished, then soaking up the reaction on the internet. Lovely. However, if it's a choice between this and getting the DVD early, there's no contest.

Series III Smeg Ups
Another batch of out-takes, all plundered from the 1995 Smeg Outs video. Thanks to the magic of missing studio rushes, this was in fact the only way of getting out-takes from certain scenes, as detailed in the article.

Series IV

Series IV DVD Preview
Well, here we are - another completely uneducated guess at the upcoming Series IV DVD, padded out with completely irrelevant asides to camera.

Series IV DVD Review
Fucking Americans, eh? Going to war for no apparant reason is one thing, but them getting their cotton-pickin' hands on a Red Dwarf DVD before us Brits is unforgivable. Fortunately, here at G&T, we don't let regional coding get in our way...

Series IV DVD Review Addendum
Leaseholder Addendum. Do not despair. The Region 2 DVD is on its way.