Ganymede and Titan

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For links to more Dwarf-related sites, see the Wormholes section on the official site, and The Linkway on Crapola, Inc.

Official Sites

Red Dwarf Official Site
Updated every Friday, and genuinely one of the best official sites about any TV show on the net.

The Red Dwarf Shop UK
The official Red Dwarf shop. Buy your official merchandise here! Unless you get annoyed with the fact that they keep taking things off the front page without actually saying why, of course. Or you're annoyed with them not delivering Dwarf DVDs on the date that they promise. And why did they stop selling Brittas DVDs? Basically, use them if you like a company that doesn't communicate with its customers.

BBC Mini-Site
Contains a very big quiz and a short clip from each episode, but don't expect any proper updates. Essentially, this site is publicity for the DVDs and repeats.

BBC America Red Dwarf site
Nothing ground-breaking, but some interesting bits and pieces here.

Robert Llewellyn's Home Page
A Flash monstrosity. Some lovely, lovely info on everything Rob does, but a bastard to actually read and navigate.

Chris Barrie
...Another Flash monstrosity. Wah. Also due to be updated 'quarterly'. Sigh. Still, the content that is there is very nice, including a good FAQ and news page.

Craig Charles Online
A total misnomer, as the site is currently offline. Although it wasn't much cop when it was still around.

Norman Lovett
Norm's official site. Again, some nice content here.

Howard Goodall
One of the most talented composers of our time. You can download some of his amazing cues from this official site.

The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club
You can sign up for the club here, and the site also contains a special members-only section and the latest info about the conventions. Just don't link direct to BTLi, or there will be serious repercussions. Incidentally, why not try typing BTLi into Google?

Active Fan Sites

Big Blake
Has a Dwarf news section. Very good on merchandise.

Garbage World
Austin Ross's site. Frankly brings a bit of perspective to Dwarf fandom.

A fantastically in-depth site, containing every single piece of music ever heard or even referred to on the show.

The Red Dwarf Zone
Recently completely re-launched, and much improved. Fantastic at news.

Totally Smegged
You're Smegged Mate! Or something.

The White Hole
Cappsy's site, spewing time and matter back into the universe. And cum. Very good site, actually.
Usenet group. Fun competiton: find the posts made by Doug Naylor's WIFE!

Other Fan Sites

Crapola, Inc.
A massive archive of Dwarfy downloadables, including icons, skins and spoof movie posters.

Red Dwarf Clearing House
Although sadly moribund, there are still loads of articles and guides here.

Hol's Post Pod Primer
Never to be updated again, but TJ's site contains the best Series VIII reviews ever, as well as a nice little archive of Smegazine articles.

Red Dwarf - The Other Movie
One group of fans were so bored of waiting for the movie, they decided to make their own!

Total Red Dwarf
There is a wealth of features on this site, but sadly, it isn't updated much.

Our/Friends' sites

John's site. Not much there, but it's a grower. As Tanya alleges.

It's Ian 'Ian' Symes!
Ian's blog. Remarkably popular, for such a complete cunt.

Flange Log
Tanya, the third G&Ter's site. About Colin's Sandwich and Open All Hours, with more stuff due soon. Extremely good. Nice tits, too.

The wonderful Rob Sedgebeer's site, with some great forums and links to other sites he's involved with.

British National Party
Vote Fascist for a third glorious decade of total law enforcement.

Source sites

British Board of Film Classification
Censorship is bad. But it has one benefit; we get to find out about extras early...

The R2 Project
Good for early rumours and details about the DVDs - but don't trust everything they say.

Got nothing better to do than check for new Red Dwarf shite every day? We haven't.

Eureka Video
The place to go for Brittas DVD news.