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Gentlemen, it's a new record! Writing a review in a new release situation - three days. Not bad. I could have cut it down to two if I cut out that last round of toast. One and a half if I had it without Marmite.

Ah well. Read this, motherfuckers!


Nice. Very nice. And I agree with you re Craig - he's actually on good form here, rather funny. Mind you, your opinion on a couple of things is completely opposed to mine. For a start, I *hate* the port/starboard gag - simply not funny in my opinion, and coming from a series VII/VIII lover, that's something.
Also, I thought the series V fan commentary was better than this one, but there you go.
As always, you've gone into so much detail, my review (click on the name!) is going to look shit now, but there you go.

And by the way - the subtitles aren't that great.

By Si on 24-02-05 @ 20:18

Stop being better than me at writing reviews, you bastard.

By Cappsy on 24-02-05 @ 20:29


As stated elsewhere, I want this in its entirety. NOW. Also very chuffed at all the quality music cues on the disc, especially the Gunmen and Honky Tonk themes. Time for an update to "Noise From The Dwarf", I think!

Top review, as ever, although I don't entirely agree about the commentary - I actually think that by this point they've become a bit by-the-numbers, and not as good as in the early series. But I'll save expanding on that until I do my review. I'll try and fit in doing one somewhere in the next couple of weeks, when I've had a chance to (a) watch everything and (b) sit down and think about it. I've got far too much on at the moment to squeeze one out straight away.

By Seb on 24-02-05 @ 20:56

Splendid, The best DVD and your best review thus far.
Of course it was made even better for me due to the fact, I can't stand Tom Jones, and that I couldn't agree more about the Queen, selling out issue (Well half of Queen at least)..
But I suppose that's by the by..

I'm not sure wether I prefer Cappsy's 'Excellent' or your 'Entertaining' as my favourite description, but either way I'm just pleased that so far, nobody has threatened to track me down and place animal end products through my letter box....
Clearly, the Commentary was never going to be everyones cup of tea and obviousley could never compete with the 'Casts' versions nor any of the other extras, But I feel both commentaries were well worth doing.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what the 'fans come up with for VII & VIII.
I have to say I was really chuffed with the inclusion in the booklet which is largely thanks to Ruth, who sent in her cartoon of V, this led to me being asked, to balance the two releases.

By Cpt-D on 24-02-05 @ 22:15

"HOWARD GOODALL'S DEMO OF TONGUE TIED! Shame we didn't get the whole thing - maybe there were rights issues?"

I don't think that's likely really is it, with a track written and performed soley by the person being interviewed. But the whole thing would have been a bit of a waste of space to 95% of people.

Also, although the lighting was great on this bit, am I the only one who finds the camera work offputting?

By Mr Flibble on 25-02-05 @ 00:32

I'd say it was the best review ever.
Apart from the link.
To the she-male site.

By Tutacanaras on 25-02-05 @ 05:56


By Seb on 25-02-05 @ 11:14

Did ANYONE notice the ONE new Outtake included in the Smeg-Ups??? A Rob cock-up! It was after the line "Because the ident computer says they have, look, stocked to the gills!!!" Check it out.

By Thomas A Evans on 25-02-05 @ 17:49

That's in Smeg ups.

By Pete Martin on 25-02-05 @ 18:34

"Did ANYONE notice the ONE new Outtake included in the Smeg-Ups??? A Rob cock-up! It was after the line "Because the ident computer says they have, look, stocked to the gills!!!" Check it out."

Yes. I *knew* I hadn't seen that before and my mate said the same thing. I watched my Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs videos today and that one literally isn't on either of them. Were there 2 pressings (if that's the right word, which it isn't) of one of those videos, or something?

By Paul on 25-02-05 @ 18:45

Verifying that you both mean the "Rogue simulant ships always carry large, lorge, laarge" line?

"Were there 2 pressings (if that's the right word, which it isn't) of one of those videos, or something?"

The copy I have was bought on the release day (November 1994) so I guess this was the original 'pressing'. No idea why this one outtake was omitted in later (?) versions. Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs were re-released in a double volume (exclusive to Woolworths if my histo-chip serves me correctly) though I'm not sure whether it was ever revised.

By Pete Martin on 25-02-05 @ 19:02

"Verifying that you both mean the "Rogue simulant ships always carry large, lorge, laarge" line?"

Yes. Me, my mate, and Thomas A Evans, above, are all on about that same smeg up. And whereas I've got seperate releases of Ups and Outs, my mate's got the twin-pack thing you're talking about. Hm. Somebody's feet need to get investigating.

By Paul on 25-02-05 @ 19:18

This is fascinating. To my lonely, sad little life.

The outtake is on my copy of the single tape Smeg Ups.

By John Hoare on 25-02-05 @ 21:39

Whereabouts on the tape is it, exactly? I'll have a look and see if there's any evidence of a cut.

And SOTCAA reckoned it was 'hardly worth bothering' with RD edit news. Honestly...

By Paul on 25-02-05 @ 21:52

Well I have the separate editions, bought them years ago...And it aint on mine???

By Thomas A Evans on 25-02-05 @ 21:53

It's on my single version.

By Cappsy on 26-02-05 @ 15:07

I have both versions and you're all wrong.

By Cl0c on 26-02-05 @ 15:37

To those with the omission;

Is the competition to "win a walk-on part on Red Dwarf VII" present on your videos? I could understand if this was omitted from later versions as the closing date would have been and gone.

The Smeg Up itself (timed at 43m and 50ish seconds) is an isolated clip that Robert introduces in relation to the competition:

"...You could win the chance to appear in a serious Smeg Up in a scene with me"

(Cue sole clip, before linking back to Robert for his outro).

The production date (shown in the topleft corner at the start of my VHS) is the 19th of October 1994.

By Pete Martin on 26-02-05 @ 16:58

The competition is on my single-tape Smeg *Outs* video. There's no mention of a competition on my Smeg Ups vid.
I've never heard Robert/Kryten say "You could win the chance to appear in a serious Smeg Up in a scene with me" so clearly the links either side of this cut smeg up were cut too.
The production date on my Smeg Ups vid is 23/11/94.

By Paul on 27-02-05 @ 16:18

I wish more fuck-ups had been found for each series. Surely more exist somewhere? Well, at least I haven't seen any from VII or VIII so there's that to look forward to (though I'm sure many people reckon the entirity of VIII is a smeg out...).

By performingmonkey on 27-02-05 @ 18:05

Was the Danny cocp-up, "It's the stick!!!", line on the Smeg-ups/ outs videos? I don't remember it being on them.

Great review as ever. Way better than them fuckers at the sci-fi mags. Except when they give us 9 or 10.

By StephenRed on 28-02-05 @ 10:29

That smeg-up is the very last thing on the tape. Plays directly after the credits.

By Pete Martin on 28-02-05 @ 18:10

I think Pete's got it, you know.

'Pete', on the other hand, hasn't.

By John Hoare on 28-02-05 @ 22:43

I'm still slightly confused. Are you saying that there was originally a competition on the Smeg Ups video as well as on the Smeg Outs video? With the same prize?

By Paul on 02-03-05 @ 20:16

I linked to the shemale site in a library, you bastard.

By Chris the Dolochimp on 03-03-05 @ 15:45

Anyone noticed the letterboxing on the first four shows? It's more visable if you view it on a PC monitor. Apparently the BBC are investigating.

By Guybrush on 05-03-05 @ 14:48

As I was going to post before everything went wrong:

Episode 1 - Psirens, Cropped

Episode 5 - Rimmerworld, Uncropped

It's totally unnoticable on TV so I'm not too bothered, but it's still very odd.

By Cappsy on 16-03-05 @ 00:46

Stupid tags not working.


By Cappsy on 18-03-05 @ 11:52

Odd, isn't it?


By John Hoare on 20-03-05 @ 01:55

Weird. My disc doesn't have that. Psirens is uncropped.

By Edvardian on 21-03-05 @ 21:25

Why is the DVD cover for series one on still a bunch of fucking arse?

By Gluerole on 21-03-05 @ 21:43

How about the series VII or VIII disc (preferably the latter) having a doc about the remastered attempt on series 1 - 3? They're all part of the scenery, backgammon.

By Lastgiofinm on 22-03-05 @ 22:59

Yes, it would be really really nice to see something on that. It would be a great shame if it was just ignored completely.

After all, they've interviewed Chris Veale for the main doc anyway - surely you could intersperse a few interviews with him, Doug and Ed with some clips? Reasonably cheap.

Doug himself has gone on record as saying he's not sure about the Re-mastered series any more...

By John Hoare on 23-03-05 @ 01:00

I personally think it was a fair attempt. Don't think I like the implied homogeneity of all the series but I liked some of the music changes, nostalgia aside, and when I first saw it on the A-Z documentary I thought it would be quite exciting. I thought the film effect was pretty good. I think I then had sinking feelings with the CG skutter going across the screen and then later cuts seemed completely pointless.

But I want to here what the team have to say. Their reasons for doing it in the first place, the process of doing it, their feelings when it was done, the audience reaction, and what they think of it now. That would be interesting.

By Ploochat on 23-03-05 @ 13:06

I'd love to see an episode by episode list of cuts and alterations between the originals and the remastereds. I know there's a few on this site, but since I've only ever seen The End remastered I'd very much like to know, all the way through series III, what changed.

By Phil on 23-03-05 @ 22:29


By John Hoare on 23-03-05 @ 23:57

I wish they'd put an English audio track onto the remastered version of The End they put on the RD1 DVD. The Japanese version is pretty unwatchable after a few minutes - at least the first episode in English and remastered form (with the strange Japanese titles at the start) would have been a worthwhile extra. Wasn't that episode the most tampered with? It certainly had the most extensive refilming of Holly.

I don't really need a list as Phil suggested. And I don't want all the remastered episodes. But all the significant alterations could appear in before and after form in an excellent documentary.

By Megatron on 24-03-05 @ 21:28

Where, to the hell, can I find the interview with Emmony? Am I really so blind or what?

By os.555 on 25-03-05 @ 14:43

Hmm, forget it. I AM blind...

By os.555 on 25-03-05 @ 14:47

I'm pretty confident they'll have already started on said excellent documentary.

By Ian Symes on 25-03-05 @ 19:53

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