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Genre-al Investigation

My university course really is super. Observation Dome get access to the equipment needed to make a competition-winning film, I get to write about Red Dwarf all the time, and G&T gains articles from it.

Here's another - Red Dwarf and Genre. Written and submitted a couple of months ago, it was given a mark that translates to 2:1. And yes, it is sheer coincidence that the message of an article we published a few days ago is directly contradicted at one point. Oops.


Very good. Comparing VII to Titanic is quite apt - a sinking ship... Actually, VII and VIII seem to make Dwarf a lot more interesting to write about.

By performingmonkey on 30-07-05 @ 20:31

It's an interesting article, certainly, but I'm not sure you *really* answered the question.

By Mr Flibble on 30-07-05 @ 21:10

>Interestingly, despite the balance of the show shifted from comedy towards sci-fi after 1988, the opening theme tune and title sequence changed in a way that suggested the opposite.

I've never, ever thought about it that way before. Very good point, and very true.

By Phil Reed on 31-07-05 @ 03:04

Why did you split the University Challenge dates ("[1962-1987, 1994-present day]" rather than [1962-present day]), yet not the Doctor Who dates ("[1963-present day]" rather than [1963-1989, 1996, 2005-present day]). Odd inconsistancy.

By Somebody on 13-02-06 @ 01:48

Ha ha, Ian is a retard!

By Phil Reed on 13-02-06 @ 11:18

I dunno. I never proof-read my coursework.

By Ian Symes on 13-02-06 @ 22:40

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