Ganymede & Titan Relaunches


I could pick apart aspects of the site (and no doubt I will at some point - no alt text on the images, for starters), but let's be positive - it looks lovely, and more to the point - it's not a MESS OF FLASH. So hooray! Dwarf cast members - this is more like how it should be done. So go look at the Massive Machines diary, which has been updated. (Still no archive of previous ones, mind you.)

Sorry G&T has been quiet recently. It's partly cos there's not much going on, but also because me and the rest of the OD gang are working on a NEW PROJECT, coming very soon. Will you be able to contain yourself? Clue: yes.


The FAQ is quite good, in that it's actually answered by him and actually answers interesting questions.

I love the fact that there's absolutely no mention of A Prince Among Men in the bio...

By Seb on 21-09-05 @ 22:51

'Arnorld Rimmers "H"'

An extra 'r' and no apostle trophy. So there.

By performingmonkey on 22-09-05 @ 02:36

Um......It's gone!

By Thomas A Evans on 22-09-05 @ 10:57

What's gone?

By Ian Symes on 22-09-05 @ 15:25

>What's gone?

All sanity, maybe.

By performingmonkey on 22-09-05 @ 18:53

Nice to see the site back online, the layouts great aswell

By Indra.v on 23-09-05 @ 13:47

Ian...did you get my e-mail btw? Or was it too shit to include?

By Thomas A Evans on 23-09-05 @ 23:10

Ian's offline till Sunday. I've got a *huge* backlog of mail to deal with (due to this new thing I mention in the article - hopefully going online Monday) - I'll have a look at it and reply tomorrow, promise!

By John Hoare on 23-09-05 @ 23:40

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