Ganymede and Titan

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Parallel Universe

A look at other projects the Red Dwarf posse have been involved with. Some reviews are longer than others - this reflects a) the scale of the production, b) how large a role the Red Dwarf representative played and c) how much we could bear to watch, in some cases.

Chloe Annett

Crime Traveller
Having already blown a small fortune at Dimension Jump, I decided that another 16 wasn't going to make much difference, and so I bought the Crime Traveller DVD.

Crime Traveller II
The concluding episodes of Chloe's cult sci-fi detective show.

Chris Barrie

The Brittas Empire
The Brittas Empire is an excellent sit-com, although it is overlooked by many people for commiting the awful crime of being mainstream and pre-watershed. This is daft - Brittas was full of good characters, inventive storylines and farcical action sequences. The main appeal of the show for us is obvious - Chris Barrie, but let's not forget the memorable performances of the other actors, notably Philippa Haywood (Helen Brittas) and Michael Burns (Colin Wetherby), as well as the fantastic writing, by Richard Fegen and Andrew Norris.

Chris Barrie's Massive Engines
Tanya Jones has a quick look at Chris's documentary series.

Chris Barrie's Motoring Wheel Nuts
Proof that even a comedy genius such as Chris Barrie can have an off day.

Craig Charles

Celebrities Disfigured
Supermodel Caprice and actor Craig Charles don prosthetic make-up to give them facial disfigurements, for the purposes of a Channel 4 documentary? Interesting social experiment, or cheap and tacky entertainment? You decide.

Craig's Stand-Up Videos
We've decided to deal with Live On Earth and Sickbag together - seeing as Craig decided to release two videos featurring mainly the same material.

Takeshi's Castle (Negative)
A rather weedy review, featurring Ian being far too cynical.

Takeshi's Castle (Positive)
Guest reviewer Tanya Jones tells us exactly why we were wrong to dismiss Takeshi's Castle, for which Craig Charles commentates.

Hattie Hayridge

The Very Best Of Have I Got News For You?
We've stuck this in Hattie's section, but she's not the only Red Dwarf star to feature...

Random Abstract Memory
Another excellent purchase at Dimension Jump was Hattie Hayridge's 1997 autobiography, for which I'd been searching the bookshops of Great Britain for ages. The book tells the complete story of Hattie's life, from birth as a suspected case of appendicitis to touring the world as a top stand up.

Rude For A Reason
A video featurring highlights of a Comic Relief gig - the highest highlight being Hattie Hayridge.

Danny John-Jules

Seriously Funny
Might as well put this Comic Relief compilation here - we've got bugger all else for Danny. Ahem.

Robert Llewellyn

Having It Off
By Tanya Jones. Having It Off was Spitting Image's answer to The Lover's Guide, released in 1993. Unusually for the show, it mixes human and puppet sketches.

Woman Wizard
"Starring Robert Llewellyn", which is written on the spine of the DVD, doesn't even begin to cover it. WomanWizard was also written, directed, produced, performed and encoded by our favourite mechanoid.

Norman Lovett

Norm Packs the mac
Norman Lovett is one of the greatest stand-up comedians around. When I heard he was to do a gig in Birmingham, I just had to be there.


Filthy, Rich & Catflap DVD Review
“When I say my pussy, I really mean my...”

Dark Ages
The first episodes of Rob Grant's historical sit-com were broadcast on the day of my nan's funeral. I don't know which event depressed me the most.

We don't normally watch Doctors, due to actually having things to do during the day, even if we don't do them. However, we did see an episode on UK Gold on Monday night, as research for the following day's episode. So you can rest easy in the knowledge that our opinions are informed.

Incompetence will be released in December 2003. However, G&T managed to get hold of an uncorrected proof copy, on which this preview is based. Hooray!