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Son Of Cliché

"We present Son of Cliché, written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. Starring Christopher Barrie, Nick Maloney and Nick Wilton. Music by Peter Brewis. The series was produced by Alan Nixon."

Son of Cliché is perhaps one of the most important radio series ever produced by the BBC. Aside from the fact that it is subversive, intelligent and at times satirical, as well as excellently written and performed, it also formed the basis for BBC TWO's most sucessful sit-com ever. And yet, other than a few Dave Hollins: Space Cadet transcripts, the series is barely documented at all, and most Red Dwarf related writing barely acknowledges its significance. We aim to rectify this.

Episode Guide
With a full and complete sketch listing, including painstakingly accurate timings. Hooray!

Father of Dwarf
Every single Red Dwarf fan ever knows that Red Dwarf was based on the Dave Hollins: Space Cadet sketches from Son of Cliché. But that's not the full story. Early versions of many famous scenes and concepts, particularly from the early series, can be found in this sketch show, and this document lists the vast majority of them.

Never miss an episode with this cut-out-and-keep guide!


Dave Hollins: Space Cadet - the strange planet you shouldn't really land on
In which our intrepid hero gets harrassed by aliens.

In which a missing page from The Bible is found.

Tongue Tied
In which they bloody well sing Tongue Tied!

Freshers - Indian Food/Exams
In which Chris Barrie mocks someone's exam technique.

Dave Hollins: Space Cadet - NorWEB
In which our hero gets attacked for his crimes against humanity.

Asso: Spanish Detective - Louie the Smirk
In which Asso has sex with Mother.

Freshers - university is great
In which the students discuss clothes, posters and sex.

Dave Hollins: Space Cadet - intruder
In which our hero is attacked by a pen.

Attack of the Killer Italian Y-Fronts
In which some boxers come alive, and get smaller.

Profile: Sir Kevin Kevin Sir
In which we meet the inventor of the Decative.

Dave Hollins: Space Cadet - Volvo Wars
In which our hero encounters a PE teacher.

Dave Hollins: Space Cadet - enormous fat man
In which our hero goes into orbit around someone's belly.