Ganymede and Titan

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A loving look at everything that's not quite right with Red Dwarf.
Edited by Damone (
Technical Editing by Annette (

NOTICE: This document, its format, and all material contained herein are protected by public copyright, except where it conflicts with the copyright of Grant Naylor. This document *may* be distributed freely in its entirety and posted at electronic sites where no fee is charged for its viewing. It *may not* be sold or published for profit in any form.

PIP Availability:

The PIP is posted as updates warrant on the USENET newsgroup

It is available via the WWW at:

It is also available via FTP at:

There is also an e-mail distribution list. To sign up or cancel, please e-mail with your request. If you cannot handle MIME-encoded files, please specify you want the text-only version. Please make sure your site allows you to receive large files in your e-mail box. Any bounced mail from your site will result in removal from the list.


All new additions from last version are marked with a: *

(Part 1 of the PIP)

(Part 2 of the PIP)


New Stuff for:

Version 7.00: This is going to be the last revision of the PIP before the debut of Series 7 (hence the catchy version number). A lot of work was done on this version. There were some extensive formatting changes made to the document. Some old entires were re-written and/or shuffled to more appropriate places in the PIP. We went to great lengths to get the carrier page information up to date and as accurate as possible. The PIP was given a meticulous once over. There are also plenty of new entries as well. The numbering of the versions will henceforth be changed as well. Posted to group. (8/30/96 - 11/17/96)

Version 7.1: Heh. Events conspired to let this one take a bit longer to come out than we had planned. This was to be the post-Series 7 version. Once Series 7 had aired, various real world problems kept pushing back publication of the document. The carrier information has been given the once over again. Plenty of new information has been added, especially about Series 7. For Americans and others who have not seen seen Series 7, you are on official *SPOILER ALERT* for all sections pertaining to the new season. There have been slight information shifts between the two parts for balance. Note the changed contact information for Annette and myself as well. (11/17/96 - 6/1/97)


Long answer:

The Plot Inconsistencies Project (PIP) is an attempt to compile, record, and resolve all of the various plot inconsistencies for the British television show, "Red Dwarf." The writers, Grant Naylor, are famous for changing established facts when it suited their plots. Through fan efforts, we are attempting to go through all the available episodes and make this list of plot holes and problems, and then fix them ourselves. Any blatant contradiction, minor flub, disappearing plot lines, or any solutions to any of the above are welcomed. The project has expanded to also include technical and production errors from the series. See section 4.0 on how to contribute.

Short answer:

It was a post I made to the Red Dwarf Newsgroup about an idea I had, and it got out of hand. *Way* out of hand.


Some extra explanation has been added into this section due to more recent divisions, as more stringent definitions are required. A Plot Inconsistency (PI) is a part of the plot (facts, technology, etc) which contradicts or does not fit with that which came before it, or it is a part of an episode which cannot be explained with just the information in the episode itself. It can also be a hypothetical question that was not actually part of the episode, or a question that arises from actions not consistent with the normal functioning of a crewmember. For example, information in two episodes which says that Lister had more than one appendix is an inconsistency.

The main feature of PIs is that, with proper application of dubious logic, they can be explained away rather nicely within the confines of believability through suspension of disbelief. The inconsistency should actually require some sort of explanation, and events of obvious comic exaggeration and intended misdirection are not included.

Some Production Errors can also be PIs if there is an explanation for them that fits into the plot of the series. The door-opening panels that activate before they are touched are an example of this. They are listed in both sections. There is a full description of Production Errors (PEs) at the beginning of section 3.0.

The PIs will be listed by series, by episode. Each inconsistency will be listed, and if a resolution exists for it, it will be included below it.

2.1 SERIES 1

The End (1-1)

Future Echoes (1-2)

Balance Of Power (1-3)

Waiting For God (1-4)

Confidence And Paranoia (1-5)

Me² (1-6)

2.2 SERIES 2

Kryten (2-1)

Better Than Life (2-2)

Thanks For The Memory (2-3)

Stasis Leak (2-4)

Queeg (2-5)

Parallel Universe (2-6)


In between Series 2 and 3, many changes took place in the show. The actors who portrayed Holly and Kryten were both changed, and continuity between Series 1 and 2 and all things after it is very tenuous at best. It is all explained away in the opening montage of Backwards (3-1), where a description of why everything is the way it is now is scrolled quickly on screen. For a complete transcript of this, refer to the Red Dwarf FAQ. The important bit is at the end, where it says: "- the same generation - nearly." This implies that the things that happen before Backwards (3-1) and after it can occur in slightly different universes. Apparently, Grant Naylor have used this excuse themselves.

However, I find it to be a lame cop-out. It is presented here for completeness, and because some inconsistencies defy all explanations but this. Whenever there is a discrepancy between facts before and after Backwards (3-1), you can rest assured that there is at least one reason for it all.

2.3 SERIES 3

Backwards (3-1)

Marooned (3-2)

Polymorph (3-3)

Bodyswap (3-4)

Timeslides (3-5)

The Last Day (3-6)

2.4 SERIES 4

Camille (4-1)

DNA (4-2)

Justice (4-3)

White Hole (4-4)

Dimension Jump (4-5)

Meltdown (4-6)