Ganymede and Titan

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The Good Book Guide
Sci-fi shows are notorious for spanning published spin-offs. These range from reference books, to programme guides, to novelisations and even fan-fiction. However, these are often shoddy, with poor research and lazy writing. This accusation can not be levelled against Red Dwarf, which is usually just as good on the page as it is on the screen. Here, we take a quick look at all the books available, as well as a fair number of related releases.

The Official Red Dwarf Companion
This book was a turning point in the history of Red Dwarf publications - the first reference book to be released, narrowly beating the Programme Guide by a couple of months. Indeed, it was the first non-novel to hit the shelves, paving the way for a number of excellent books later on. It was written by serial biographer Bruce Dessau, features plenty of great colour photographs, and would be brilliant if not for a few small problems.

TMITRM: Epilogue
A transcription of the epilogue added to the second edition of The Man in the Rubber Mask.

Reference Works

This section reviews books that are not specifically about Red Dwarf, but mentions them in some way; usually as a capsule. So, we review the book, using the capsule as a starting point.

Radio Times Guide to Science Fiction
"The exciting new guide to science-fiction movies, television and radio."

Penguin TV Companion
The most wide-ranging, fascinating and useful reference book about UK television?

Best of the Britcoms
AKA: The most errors in a Red Dwarf capsule ever?