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Fun, Fun, Fun

It's Saturday Night, it's Britain's longest-established professional symphony orchestras' Sci-Fi Night. OK, take it away, The Hallé. Yes, on the Saturday 30 October 2004 at 7.30pm, you can experience the fucking world premiere in concert of Goodall's RD theme. The full of the line-up is as follows:

Your conductor is Carl Davis, and it will be held at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester; tickets will cost between £8 - £32. I think you can safely say I'll be there. Anyone else interested? We'd better all try and be classy, and keep ourself occupied before the show with some decent, wholesome games. I choose... The Magic Flute. FUCKING HELL WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING AWFUL JOKE WAH FUCKING TWAT BALLS

Thanks to Thomas Evans for the news.


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