Ganymede and Titan

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Book Plot Inconsistencies Project

Book Plot Inconsistencies Project v2.0 (Text version)
This document was edited by Annette 'El Skutto' McIntosh between 1995-96. As for what it is:

The Book Plot Inconsistencies Project (BPIP) is an attempt to compile, record, and resolve all of the various plot inconsistencies for the four Red Dwarf novels written by Rob Grant and/or Doug Naylor.

A BPIP Addendum?
Annette does not maintain the BPIP any more, and (like the PIP) she wishes the document to remain as it is. The document covers all Red Dwarf novels in a good amount of detail; and this, coupled with the fact that we are working on the first version of the PAP (or PIP Addendum) means that currently we are not working on an addendum to the BPIP. This may well change in the future however - if so, an announcement will be made in due course. If anyone wants to take up the slack and work on a BPIP Addendum, feel free (like you need our permission. Ahem) - but please contact us so we don't start work on one as well!