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Welcome to the jungle?

We got fun and games. We got everything you want, and so on. Yes folks, according to that reputable and classy bastion of the press, The People (try Digital Spy's summary instead), Craig Charles is on the shortlist of participants for the forthcoming fourth series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!. For those who don't watch the show and have somehow managed to avoid the press coverage, the gist is this: ten celebrities are dumped in the Australian jungle for two weeks, and are given nasty challenges to complete in return for food. The public vote for who they want to participate in challenges, who they want to kick off the show, and eventually who they want to win. It's a cross between Survivor and Big Brother... with celebrities.

As this news comes from The People, I'm not taking it entirely seriously. Even if it's accurate, they list a shortlist of twelve names, and only ten celebrities participate in each series. Other top names include David Beckham's alleged fuck-piece Rebecca Loos, Nadia Sawalha, the budget version of Ab Fab star Julia Sawalha, orange homosexual Dale Winton and footballing woman-beater Stan "The Man" Collymore. Has anyone outside of the UK heard of anyone on the list? It would be quite good if Craig was on the show, of course - we could have a sweepstake for how long it takes him to insult his fans.


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