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Brittas 5 Released Monday

Brittas Series 5 cover.Just a quick note to say that Brittas Series 5 is released this Monday. Anyone who pre-ordered with Play may well have it by now. The episodes are: The Old Old Story, Blind Devotion, Brussels Calling, The Lies Have It, The Boss, Pregnant, UXB, The Last Day (ahem), and the Christmas Special In The Beginning. For more details, see our episode guide.

I'm afraid I can't promise our customary review, as Ian's still without internet at uni. Erm, and he hasn't done the Series 4 review yet. THE FACT THAT I'VE NOT DONE EITHER THE COMEDY CONNECTIONS or BRITAIN'S BEST SITCOM ARTICLES IS IMMATERIAL.

Whilst "researching" this "article", I also noticed that The Brittas Empire - Complete Series 6 has turned up on Play. No details of extras as yet (although hopefully the outtakes will show up), but the release date given is the 24th January 2005. Which usually changes. Ah well...

Sorry that updates have been at best erratic and at worst SHIT this month. I'm off on holiday on Tuesday, but I'll be back Friday, ready to keep the site updated properly for a change...


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