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Channel 27 Closes!

Oh, man. Having just written how great it is to see another Dwarf site doing news, I pop along to Channel 27 and find out that Ghostie doesn't have time to run it any more. A big WAH!

Excellently, he will provide the source code for the site to anyone who wants it - either simply to learn how he's done stuff, or even take over the site themselves. This is wonderful, and I urge someone to do it - but I can't help but feel if someone wanted to put the time in to do a Red Dwarf site, they would rather design it from scratch themselves. If you're interested though, mail him.

This is rather a blow, to be honest. (Fnar.) Obviously, maintaining a site is a lot of work; it's something even we've been slack on recently, although as you can see, I'm now back up to speed with updating more often. But currently, Groovetown might as well have died (although thank fuck its archive of articles is still online - please don't remove that!), and RDZ hasn't updated since December 2004. Observation Dome is still busy, and it isn't all just piddling little things posted there; and Garbage World still updates with great articles that aren't appreciated as much as they should be. But where is another fansite doing news? Nowhere, and that's a sad state of affairs. Channel 27 was great at news; it kept picking up on loads of things we didn't. It's a great shame its closing.

It does seem strange that out of all the people on the internet, there aren't more Dwarf fansites. It's also a shame that it's only us doing news - I never really get the feeling we're, erm, suited, to being the only Dwarf fansite doing it. We're too idiosyncratic, which I love, and at least some of our readers love... but there's a huge gap where people who just don't like our writing style can go. Go on - someone who doesn't like us, go and set something up...

But as I've said before, at least there's some Dwarf sites. Where is a proper Young Ones site? Men Behaving Badly? Ever Decreasing Circles? I could go on. And on. And on. And on. And on. People say you can find everything on the net - on some things, you're lucky to find anything, apart from a short episode guide and some blurry screencaps.

Some happier news, then - and this time, an advance hint from me that I most certainly will not be reneging on. Watch out for something major from us on April 4th - which just happens to be our third birthday since our major relaunch...


Thanks for the obituary *sniff*

I will be urging people to visit here instead in the final update as its my fave dwarf site (After TOS that is) ;)

By Ghostie on 31-12-05 @ 11:35

Awwww. Thanks a lot!

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 31-12-05 @ 15:09

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