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John's Newsround - 30/7/05

Ellie Crisell. Well I wanna go on a date with 'er.TOS stuff. And Dwarf wins second place in SFX's poll for the best British SF series - first place, predictably, going to Who. Splendid. And a sign that Dwarf is not only alive and kicking (great DVDs, new merchandise, fandom - regardless of no new episodes, or Movie uncertantity). So why is it consistantly ignored pretty much everywhere, even in the SF press? Ah well, at least SFX (probably) deign not to be snotty about the series for once, in the SFX Collection: Best Of British, which goes on sale on Monday - and includes the full poll results, and an interview with Doug Naylor. Excellent.

As for the other news item: bloody hell. A quick rundown of the merchandise in development, then - read the TOS article for the information, and read my stuff for the uninformed opinion, as I'm not going to waste time rephrasing everthing.

"It's an exciting time for series fans and collectors!" indeed. What were people saying about Dwarf being dead, again?


"I do hope they cover the entire eight series, rather than concentrating too much on VII/VIII, and don't just feature the Re-mastered versions of the ships, like some merchandise."

You just know that it won't. Most of the stuff will be from VIII.

By performingmonkey on 30-07-05 @ 20:23

Well chuck my love spuds on the fire! Finally some decent tackle to spend my hard earned on, I can say getting the chnce to get fruity with the legend that is Flibble and keeping your right hand warm to boot, what more could you ask? I have seen the "Film Cell?" Frames close up and they are David Bailyish delight! I dont mind paying out for quality items and these are quality, you get some crap scanned copies shoved in a frame and flogged on eBay, and the seller wonders why he gets a negative feedback in his inbox. The nodding dog takes on all new meaning when you apply it to a nodding Kryten, what better way to annoy the car behind with a giant head that never stops moving, well until the mother in law gets out.

By Drum on 30-07-05 @ 22:13

Ooh, you've added a lovely picture to keep us "entertained".

By Mr Flibble on 30-07-05 @ 22:27

The BOBBLEHEADS will look lovely next to my reaper one.

By Joey on 30-07-05 @ 22:58

> Headknockers link from Wormholes:

And you'll be pleased to learn that the UK calendar is repleat with varied imagery from verious series and certainly isn't heavy on VII and VIII.

By Andrew on 31-07-05 @ 12:14

'Ooh, you've added a lovely picture to keep us "entertained".'

Right, that's it. Zach Braff pictures. Now.

By Tanya Jones on 01-08-05 @ 16:10

If you can inform me what he's got to do with either Newsrounds or Red Dwarf, I'd be DELIGHTED to.

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 01-08-05 @ 16:30

*feels silly* I think my brain went on holiday when I arrived in India, to be honest.

By Tanya Jones on 02-08-05 @ 10:02

Zach Braff wrote and directed and starred in 'Garden State'. Iam Holm played his Dad. Ian Holm was also in Alien. The set design of Alien heavily influenced that of Red Dwarf III onwards.

Erm, that's the best I can do.

By Pete Martin on 02-08-05 @ 11:56

Thanks Pete!

By Tanya Jones on 02-08-05 @ 12:13

Or, if you're doing a proper 'six degrees of seperation', Sigourney Weaver was in Alien and also Aliens, which featurred Mac McDonald. In some versions.

By IanIanSymes [TypeKey Profile Page] on 02-08-05 @ 13:07

Saw the post on the Rokplayer above. Thought i would add my 2 cents worth. This is being touted as a new technology ( perhaps even a breakthrough of some kind), but it's really simply Quicktime unlicensed software being used to encode movies in a 3GP format that pretty well anyone could do on their own.

Can't see what the big deal is !

By Trevor on 29-09-05 @ 15:34

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