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Spitting Image on DVD!

An Image of some Spitting.An interesting one, this. Phil has sent us an interesting link to a site which is selling 1986/1987 episodes of Spitting Image. However, it's not an official release - the front page of the site offers the usual collector's disclaimers.

I'll leave it up to you to discuss the morals of buying these or not; I have very mixed feelings. (That's genuine mixed feelings; not a codeword for saying I disagree with it.) Either way, let's hope Spitting Image gets a proper DVD release at some point - although I suspect it'd be a Best Of if anything, which would be a bit of a shame. (Although releasing them all is probably impossible, with 146 episodes. Oh, and a bias against topical shows.)

Either way, has anyone heard anything about the planned revival of the show? Of course, the ideal situation is if this happens, and ITV3 starts a repeat of the old shows from the beginning...

Fuck off Granada Plus closing down fuck.


"An Image of some Spitting."


By Paul on 05-03-05 @ 00:06

The Daily Show is releasing a best of DVD with all the best bits since Jon Stewart took over as host. If that sells well enough maybe other, 'topical' shows will get releases.

By C.S.Strowbridge on 14-03-05 @ 14:53

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