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We're back.

Ahem. Hello again. Sorry for the lack of updates recently; all due to a server change CONFUSING our news software. Thanks to Andy Poole and Chris Williams for the answer; which was db4.2_upgrade *.db *.idx, if you really want to know.

I'd best get the site updated then...


Well, it was Chris that had the answer, I merely pointed you in the right direction :)

By Andy Poole on 14-03-05 @ 11:05

Not worth a full article, but:

is now up to date again.

By John Hoare on 15-03-05 @ 23:25

Blimey, I'd forgotten how close DJ is. I haven't got a dog in hell's chance of going this year.

By Austin Ross on 16-03-05 @ 03:29

"I haven't got a dog in hell's chance of going this year."


By Cappsy on 17-03-05 @ 00:22

And I won't even be there in spirit, as it's all booked until October.

By Austin Ross on 17-03-05 @ 03:11

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