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Fat CoverAs nicked from Garbage World, this is the cover of Rob Grant's Fat from Amazon. It looks extremely similar in style to Incompetence - whether it's just a quick mock-up or pretty much what the real thing will be like I HAVE NO IDEA, although the repeated tagline 'Bad is the new Good' indicates a quick mock to me.

The publication date has also been put back again; now it's January 19th 2006. (Previous dates were May 1st, May 19th, and December 31st of this year.) What a lazy cunt.

All this is for the UK hardback edition; the paperback entry gives both the same publication date and is four quid more expensive, so presumably it's just a placeholder entry with bollocks details.

He's not fat. He's porky.


He should stick to writing classics like Dark Ages


By Matt on 15-03-05 @ 08:14

"Fat is the new thin"

And the rest of the book writes itself.

By Pete Martin on 15-03-05 @ 09:36

So long as the cover of the book in some way has Rob's name directly underneath the word FAT, thus creating the slogan FAT ROB GRANT, I'll be happy.

Cheap laughs, but you've got to get 'em any way you can, really.

By Seb on 15-03-05 @ 14:22

Nonsense. The book will be full of cheap laughs. And not so cheap ones too, I reckon.

By Chris the Dolochimp on 15-03-05 @ 15:18

Why the god has it been delayed again? Has he even written the fucking thing? Maybe he's too busy writing the new Dwarf TV movie.

By performingmonkey on 15-03-05 @ 19:36

The book just keeps growing and growing.


By Austin Ross on 15-03-05 @ 19:40

"Maybe he's too busy writing the new Dwarf TV movie."

Or finishing off Cruel Aliens.

By Cappsy on 15-03-05 @ 22:34

"Or finishing off Cruel Aliens"

Or a pork pie

By Matt on 16-03-05 @ 18:15


By John Hoare on 16-03-05 @ 18:23

"Why the god has it been delayed again? Has he even written the fucking thing? Maybe he's too busy writing the new Dwarf TV movie."

Is he writing a new Dwarf TV movie?

By Clockson on 17-03-05 @ 16:06

The only thing he's finishing off is his plan to look like the fat guy from Monty Python's The meaning of life.

By Tutacanaras on 18-03-05 @ 08:03

"Is he writing a new Dwarf TV movie?"

Yeah, he's teaming up with Robert Llewellyn to write a one-off 2 hour big budget version of 'Beyond A Joke'. Unfortunately, as Charles is appearing in The Games, Lister's shoes are being ably filled by Norris from Coronation Street. It was felt that he had the right qualities for the role.

By performingmonkey on 19-03-05 @ 16:51

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