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Brittas in Region 4!

The Brittas Series 1 Region 4 cover.I can't believe we've missed this. As you know, Region 2 releases of Brittas have reached series 6, with the seventh and final series being released on the 23rd May.

Erm, did you know that Series 1 was released in Region 4 last year on the 11th August 2004, with the same extras as the Region 2 release but with a different cover? And that Series 2 is due to be released on 5th May 2005?

Well, you do now.

I think seven months late must be some kind of record.


I loathe Region encoding.

By Austin Ross on 30-03-05 @ 04:32

I prefer that coverart...

By Pete Martin on 30-03-05 @ 10:41

I agree, that cover is miles better than ours.

By Cappsy on 30-03-05 @ 13:36

Region encoding is annoying, yes. RCE, however, is what's truly despicable.

By Paul on 30-03-05 @ 14:26

The UK Brittas DVDs are encoded for all regions. They'll play in any DVD-ROM drive - even American ones.

By Manda on 30-03-05 @ 15:45

"The UK Brittas DVDs are encoded for all regions. They'll play in any DVD-ROM drive - even American ones."

Why did no one mention this before? If I had been told this at the start, that the DVDs would work on my DVD-ROM drive, I could have done something about it! All those times I emailed the company, asking if they would make a Region 1 Brittas DVD - if I had known this, I would have given them *my* credit card number!

By Austin Ross on 30-03-05 @ 16:37

Manda is absolutely correct. I've just checked.

So why the bloody hell does *everywhere* list it as Region 2 - including the back cover of the DVD case?


By John Hoare on 30-03-05 @ 23:11

That's really strange. I wonder if it's just encoded incorrectly? Maybe it's some cock-up at the pressing plant that they aren't aware of and it's SUPPOSED to be region 2?

Either way, here I come.

By Phil on 31-03-05 @ 04:47

What's going on? Your link sends to some other site...

By Thomas on 01-04-05 @ 12:38

April fools or summat?

By Thomas on 01-04-05 @ 12:39

Well, I couldn't be arsed doing a decent one.

By John Hoare on 01-04-05 @ 18:50

I liked it. As I was browsing through the Kochanski image section of that site (as I am wont to do) I saw an image with the title "kock_big.jpg" This amused me greatly.

Carry on.

By Austin Ross on 01-04-05 @ 19:16

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