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John's Quickround - 15/4/06

A couple of TOS updates this week. Firstly, UKG2 are running a Dwarf weekend, with loads of good prizes - and secondly, a reminder that VIII has been released in Region 4.

We'll have another Future Extras article for you over the weekend, and we'll briefly mention any important news if anything comes up - but apart from that, we're going into hibernation for the next two weeks, as we're due for a bit of a redesign around here. We may even add some... I believe the phrase is "interactive features". Hopefully it'll be more interesting than BBC News reading out patheric ignorant viewers emails, however. In the meantime, NTS will have loads of updates, so hang around there for a while.

Se ya soon!


> ...and secondly, a reminder that VIII has been released in Region 4.

No it hasn't. Not till Thursday.

By antipodean on 16-04-06 @ 08:01

Like anyone gives a shit about Region 4.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 17-04-06 @ 04:09

Fuck off.

By antipodean on 17-04-06 @ 09:43

I love you guys.

By Phil on 17-04-06 @ 11:38

> UKG2 are running a Dwarf weekend,

So we get to watch a weakend of RD with all the funniest and most plot related parts unnecersarlly cut out then?

By MJN SEIFER on 19-04-06 @ 20:39

Well that's OK if you're a VII and VIII fan because the eps will be uncut.

By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 21-04-06 @ 01:22


By antipodean on 21-04-06 @ 08:42

That's ok then.

I'm probably the only person who seams to like 8 as much as the other series actually. (I liked 7 aswell but not as much)

By MJN SEIFER on 21-04-06 @ 18:35

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