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John's Newsround - 4/2/06

Gahhhhhhh. I'd just written a hugely long piece about Danny's new film Sucker Punch, and was just trying to watch the trailer on the film's website, when the fucker crashed on me, losing all my carefully crafted prose.

That's not the site's fault, to be fair, but it's still appallingly badly-designed. Why hide your news in a tiny box you have to scroll? Why watermark your images? Don't you want people to use them to publicise your film? And why have them open up in a small window that doesn't show the image properly, and then make it so you can't resize that window? It all smacks of someone concentrating on making the site look good at the expense of the user experience, when there's no need - you can do both.

So there. Read the TOS article. Go and struggle with the film site if you want. The film actually looks very good ("Sucker Punch is a British film unlike any other in that it is not a costume drama, not a rom-com with a token American star and most definitely not a gangster movie.") Just leave me alone. Fuck off.


Thank you SO much.


By Geri on 05-02-06 @ 12:51

Not noticed about Messers Morrisey, Hammond and Barrie's new Sunday night motoring quiz yet?

By Somebody on 06-02-06 @ 18:21

I just noticed it today.

10:10pm to 10:40pm.
'Neil Morrissey hosts the fast moving car based comic quiz with resident team captains Richard Hammond and Chris Barrie battling it out for the title of supreme Petrolhead. They are helped this week by actors Philip Glenister from Life on Mars and from The Full Monty, Hugo Speer.'

Pretty cool. :)

By Rad on 08-02-06 @ 13:25

Hmm. I like Hammond, I like Barrie (obviously) and Glenister is fast becoming a bit of a legend thanks to LoM. Not so keen on Morrissey, though. And do we *really* need another celeb panel "comedy" gameshow?

By Seb on 08-02-06 @ 16:40

Just moving sideways in a sort of related way:

I was flicking through some Sky channels the other night and found a newish channel called 'Propeller' (#289)..They specialise in showing short films by newish writers.

Anyway, Craig Charles was on the other night in the short 'Ten Minutes'...Whilst my life hasn't been overly enriched by this, I thought I would
mention it as Propeller do repeat the odd film by the seems for anyone interested...

By Cpt-D on 08-02-06 @ 17:43

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