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Just The Shows Volume 2 CoverBlah. Lots of stuff happening behind-the-scenes. Not a huge amount happening here. Hopefully we'll have something we can announce soon.

JUST THE SHOWS VOL 2: Artwork! Lovely - far nicer than the first boxset. Nice to see that Series VII and VIII aren't squashed onto one disc each like the Czech release of VII, and instead are given two discs each.

I'll reiterate what I said the release of Volume 1 - it's less that I can't understand why people wouldn't be interested in the extras, and more that I can't understand why anyone would love the show enough to want it on DVD, and not be interested in the extras. Still, there's obviously an audience out there, so well worth releasing. And the menus are lovely, anyway. It's due in October.

R1 BOXSET: Region 1 didn't get a Just The Shows release at all; instead, there has been a full boxset announced instead, due on September 5th - for the cool, crisp RRP of $249.92. (There's no plans for a Region 2 release.)

Predictably, this has annoyed a few people; see this ATVRD post. This has prompted a discussion on the Webboard. Personally, I've never really been a collector; I'm more interested in other pointless Red Dwarf-related activities. So I don't really care about any box. On the other hand, I can see why it would annoy people who had supported the releases from the beginning. I think the Region 2 releases dealt with the problem in the best way possible.

2007 CALENDAR: Hooray! Some interesting news that involves nothing more than me cutting and pasting a post by Andrew on the the Webboard:

"This is an advance warning that there WILL be a Red Dwarf 
calendar for next year. So if you were looking at that 
movie/comedy/nudie calendar 2007 - WAIT!

The RD calendar will be announced on the site when we 
have more details and art. Launch is likely sometime in 

Why say this now? Because I'm in the middle of mocking 
up concept art and...well, we've got a killer concept. If 
things go to plan (we have one hurdle to jump first), this 
will show you Dwarf as you've never seen it before. This is 
NOT the same old smeg.

No exaggeration - it's gonna be killer. Can't wait to post 
the first images on the site - you WILL burst."

Excellent. The last calendar was well worth getting - if this one is even more exciting, it has to be a must-have...

PROPSTORE: - As mentioned in this TOS story, The Propstore have some new items. I'd buy something myself, but sadly I can't afford a £12 DVD at the moment.

Oh, and in a bit of non-merchandising news, Ghostie has set up the domain for the new Channel 27 news - just enter your email and he'll tell you when the site launches. Which reminds me - when's Danny's site coming?

Right. Back to work...


"I can't understand why anyone would love the show enough to want it on DVD, and not be interested in the extras."

I can understand it. I first got into Dwarf properly in '94 when they started repeating all the episodes from series 1. I managed to tape them all off the telly without missing a single one, and thereafter watched those VHS tapes with joy. I got a pleasure doing that that I can't get from the DVD full sets. While the extras are often nice, when I just want to watch an episode I find navigating the menus with their animations and sounds kind of annoying. Strangely enough I miss the days of putting a VHS tape in the machine at home and waiting patiently for the tape to fastforward to the right episode. A strange thing perhaps, but there you go. The Just the Shows literally feel just like my VHS off-airs in a more stable format.

By Geoff on 25-07-06 @ 15:06

Thought occurs Andrew E - just put the picture "map" on the RD site @ a high-res, and tell Andrew of Somewhere-In-America to print out his own if he wants one...

By Somebody on 26-07-06 @ 12:10

> A strange thing perhaps, but there you go.


By performingmonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] on 27-07-06 @ 21:21

>"I first got into Dwarf properly in '94 when they started repeating all the episodes from series 1. I managed to tape them all off the telly without missing a single one..."

Well, except Psirens presumably...

By Pete Martin on 02-08-06 @ 21:11


You were living in my head at the time, brilliant! My "favourite ever episode of Red Dwarf = Back to Reality" ended up filling the space on the tail-end of that tape, but of course you already knew that.

For twelve marks, what happened to my next attempt to record Red Dwarf VI?

By Geoff on 07-08-06 @ 14:20

Rimmerworld was dropped due to Dunblane. And did you fill up the tape with Dimension Jump, which they showed the following week?

By IanIanSymes [TypeKey Profile Page] on 09-08-06 @ 17:15

I first got into red dwarf when pbs ran the first two seasons back to back during a begathon in '90. Between myself a friend we managed to get all 12 episodes and I was hooked at that point. Red Dwarf is the funniest stuff on tv anywhere. I now own all 8 seasons, 3 or 4 smegups, books, die cast ship, shirts, stickers, hat and craig charles stand up " live on earth ". I also have the american pilot. Whenever I need a good laugh I throw on a red dwarf tape and have a slob fest with me old mate Lister.

By Chris Fitzpatrick on 13-08-06 @ 20:55

>and craig charles stand up " live on earth ".

How is that?

By Phil on 19-08-06 @ 19:33

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