Ganymede & Titan

NTS Relaunches

Let's hope we've got it right, this time.

Apologies for the lack of updates recently - things'll get back on track later tonight. I would write a more interesting article here, but it's TWO O'CLOCK IN THE FUCKING MORNING SO FUCK OFF.


And the front door is open. AGAIN!

By si on 01-03-06 @ 17:16

S3 Planets - you hear about them a lot throughout Red Dwarf and it only occurred to me yesterday that I don't know where the term comes from. Anyone know?

Is it a Grant Naylor joke? S3 = Sun, Sea and Sand?

By Adrian on 01-03-06 @ 22:16

I think it's referred to at least once in the context of "an S3 atmosphere." I always assumed it just meant something about the atmosphere being breathable, or about the same mixture of gasses as Earth has.

S 3. Hmm. Earth is the third planet from the sun. Dunno bout the S though.

By Phil on 02-03-06 @ 01:51

S3 is short for Sol 3, which is indeed the 3rd planet in the solar system.

By Daff on 02-03-06 @ 22:51

Nice site design.

By antipodean on 04-03-06 @ 03:30

I have to say, it's the first site design I've done that I'm *really* pleased with.

Praise must go to Kirk for writing some of the bits of PHP, and Seb for doing the wonderful header graphics, though.

By John Hoare [TypeKey Profile Page] on 05-03-06 @ 02:44

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