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Just The Shows: Vol 2

Yep, this has turned up for pre-order at the usual places - the release date given is 25th September, although from past experience, that could change. Interestingly enough, it's Amazon who list this the cheapest at the moment at £22.49; that may well change before release though. No cover art anywhere as yet.

Interesting that it's called Just The Shows Series 5 To 8 currently, rather Vol.2. Presumably it's just a mistake by the online shops, as it was called Volume 2 in this TOS article. Yes, that is interesting, now shut up.

Whilst we're at it - you can now buy it2i2 from Play - and oddly enough, cheaper than from Robert Llewellyn himself. You can read a review of the release on Cappsy's gaping twat.


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