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Son of Cliché - Episode Guide

First published 23rd August 2003.


In this document, the times given are as accurate as possible, and include introductions at the beginning and applause at the end. Most of the sketch titles here aren't official, but are a fairly sound means of identification, given that they are each cited at some point in the sketch. For the first series, each episode had a theme, and the title given reflects this. This frame was dropped for the second series, but each episode had either a 'guest host' or a recurring sketch, the name of which is given as the show's title. The exceptions to this are the last two episode, which just have to be difficult. Bah.

A1 - The Son of Cliché Magazine (23rd August 1983)

A2 - The Weird Dimension (30th August 1983)

A3 - This is Radio Four (6th September 1983)

A4 - The Radio Nasty (15th September 1983)

A5 - NASA Probe (21st September 1983)

A6 - Hospital Radio (27th September 1983)

A7 - Nostrodamus (4th October 1983)

A8 - Royal Command Performance (11th October 1983)

In this episode, Steve Frost appears in place of Nick Maloney.

B1 - Freddie Fortune (4th November 1984)

B2 - Smorgen Borgen (10th November 1984)

B3 - Chip Harris (17th November 1984)

B4 - David Coleman (24th November 1984)

B5 - Father O'Flaherty (1st December 1984)

B6 - International Bridge Tournament (8th December 1984)

B7 - Paul B. Davis (15th December 1984)

In this episode, Paul B. Davis appears in place of Chris Barrie.

B8 - The Final Episode (29th December 1984)