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Launch logoThe Official Webboard. BTLi. Groovetown's Forums. The White Hole Forums. Hell, even our comments system. And that's just the well-known, and specifically Dwarf forums. There's plenty of places to discuss Dwarf stuff around the net - surely yet another place would be pointless?

Perhaps. But then, none of the above places are really linked to G&T - and we've noticed that, with the total comments since the September relaunch passing 1900, people have wanted to talk about loads of things that aren't strictly on-topic. Which is fine; god knows forums run by HITLER are annoying - but it indicates that there might some interest in G&T's own forums, for Dwarf talk, site comments, and various other bits and pieces. And, of course, you could SWEAR LOTS on them and be generally filthy. And perhaps some special sections for Brittas, etc could be set up too.

So, how about it? Would you use it? The last thing we want to do is to contribute yet another dead forum to the net; on the other hand, if there is some interest in it, we'll give it a go. Tell us what you think; even if it's just that it's a really, really bad idea and we should go and write some decent articles like we used to instead...


I really like Forum formats,I use, Btli &
Whitehole quite often. with impending arrival of a
Forum on there are, as you say quite a
selection......G&T to me, is the place to go for factual based stuff and common sense based gossip with more than adequate facilities already for making comments and debating stuff, I think you may lose some of the spontaneity by having a forum.I like coming on here and being surprised by what you're up to..The updates are excellent and I would hate to see this lost in a sea of social comments about 'Custard Creams' and 'Cheese' threads.....

Posted by Cpt-D at January 18, 2004 09:55 PM

I think that's a very good point, actually.

Posted by John Hoare at January 18, 2004 10:07 PM

Yeah, this is fine as it is. Otherwise it'll end up like every other RD forum and be a pile of idiots saying SMENG.

Posted by Darrell Jones at January 18, 2004 10:42 PM

I have to agree, I think it's fine.

Posted by Austin Ross at January 19, 2004 01:01 AM

So it's decided then? We don't have a forum.

I agree, actually; I thought it would be a nice idea, but there was something niggling at the back of my mind (hence the need for an item asking about it) - and I think Cpt-D spelled out the problem for us pretty clearly.

Does this mean I actually have to go and write some articles? Shit.

Posted by John Hoare at January 19, 2004 06:08 AM

One suggestion though, I would like to see a Red Dwarf/Fan related photo section somewhere, or maybe not..P.S, I Dunk mine in my tea, what about you lot ;)

Posted by Cpt-D at January 19, 2004 09:16 AM

'G&T For 'Em
Look, Trevor and Simon were great, OK?'

I don't get it and I know I should. I could watch my Trev & Simon video and try to figure it out if my friend hadn't still got it. Explain. I am clearly dumb.

But yes, of course you're right and they were great.

Posted by clem at January 19, 2004 10:04 AM

I was expecting you to ask whether a Trevor & Simon branch to G&T would be a worthwhile option.

Posted by Was at January 19, 2004 10:11 AM

Well, what do you reckon?

Posted by Ian Symes at January 19, 2004 10:15 AM

In other news, look at the links section of this:

I am quite pleased by that.

Posted by Ian Symes at January 19, 2004 01:46 PM

Hmmm, G&T eh!...God bless the BBC...:)

Posted by Cpt-D at January 19, 2004 02:43 PM

clem - during the Live & Kicking years, they did a sketch called Art For 'Em - which basically involved them critiquing a piece of art in a silly manner, followed by them rolling around on the floor a lot at the end of the sketch. Great stuff, but not as inspired as their Going Live! stuff, obviously.

I always wanted to do a T&S website, but there's been so little of their stuff released commercially that I just don't have the resources. Unless anyone recorded a load of eps of Going Live!, of course - I only have the last one...

Posted by John Hoare at January 19, 2004 04:48 PM

Oh, and about Cpt-D's photo section - it's difficult, because any Red Dwarf photos would be copyright; we can probably get away with grabs from the DVD in articles "for review purposes", but a dedicated photo section is a bit dodgy. As for fan photos - we tend to leave fan community type stuff to other sites. (Total Red Dwarf has updated with some new pictures - see - which are quite nice.) Same with fanfic type stuff, which we leave to Back In The Red. And indeed, guest cast stuff, which we tend to leave to Groovetown - we can't cover everything, and G&T was originally set up to fill a specific hole that Ian felt was missing. Maybe some other site could do something with the photo idea...

Having said all that, all the articles on G&T could do with loads more pictures (which will happen eventually) - and we do intend to do some more reporting of events with photos (like our Memrobilia piece - see bottom of the Articles section). It's just a case of finding the time - I do have huge plans for the site over the next few months that will involve a complete revamp. I need to get round to doing it.

Posted by John Hoare at January 19, 2004 05:47 PM

Remember when we did stuff like this? I've let my mind slip from the graphics to the news stuff recently - I should try doing some proper things again.

Posted by John Hoare at January 19, 2004 06:11 PM

I'd like a forum, yes. Yes I would.

Posted by Joey at January 19, 2004 06:49 PM

Photo's Hmmm, yes, good points...

Posted by Cpt-D at January 19, 2004 07:34 PM

Hey, you're now one with the BBC. You could get some photos of the cast especially made for this site if you wanted to. Note that G&T is only third on the list, below the two "official" links, and above Robert Llewellyn's site! Hooray!

Posted by harry at January 20, 2004 10:39 AM

I did have a little chuckle at the BBC link, can you Imagine some little old lady clicking the lovely link at Aunty Beeb and coming face to face with the headline 'Ian, You C**t'..That image will stop with me for the rest of the day :-)

Posted by Cpt-D at January 20, 2004 12:19 PM

And sends an e-mail getting the link removed, of course. Wah!

Posted by John Hoare at January 20, 2004 04:45 PM

Vaguely recall Art For 'Em now. I can only really remember Sofa for 2 for 3 and those aliens in silver costumes with long fingers who liked to make 'goody time-savings' from Live & Kicking. As you say, the Going Live! stuff was superior.

Posted by clem at January 20, 2004 04:50 PM

When you submit a link to the BBC, it gives you a load of stuff about what is and isn't allowed. G&T breaks the organisational link policy on about three counts, but they've included it anyway. Hooray!

Posted by Ian Symes at January 20, 2004 08:28 PM

Can I just jump in to proclaim my love for Trev and Si? There, that did it.
Actually I have a transcript of Chris Barrie's appearance on T and S's Video Garden if anyone's interested:
Not a blantant plug, honest. It's...relevant.

Posted by McGruder at January 20, 2004 11:17 PM

Welcome to the Footure!

Posted by Joey at January 21, 2004 06:16 PM

We've been removed! Wah!

Posted by John Hoare at February 10, 2004 12:26 AM


Posted by Ian Symes at February 10, 2004 08:19 AM

I found out today that there was a Trevor and Simon Room 101 in the original radio series.

Just thought I'd mention it here.

Posted by Darrell Jones at February 10, 2004 02:26 PM

Oh, and if you're *that* desperate for further visitors, using the old Google trick of putting 'red dwarf' into the page titles and URL will work.

It's how I'm #1 for 'Lucas and Walliams' anyway, (and why I keep getting emails from people complaining that they can't play the Realaudio files in Windows Media Player).

Posted by Darrell Jones at February 10, 2004 02:30 PM

The thought occurs that if the BBC were going to get rid of the link the moment someone complained or they actually looked at it, they should have checked the site out properly in the first place. The further thought occurs that we haven't actually budged a smegging inch.

I'm tempted to do that Google trick, you know. I don't want to, as I'm not that keen on abusing search engines - but on the other hand, we're so ridiculously low down when you just type in "Red Dwarf" that I might just do it anyway. (We're a lot higher up when searching for specific things, though.)

Posted by John Hoare at February 10, 2004 04:50 PM

The White Hole isn't too bad for specific search stuff, either. Although I typed in 'Red Dwarf Series V DVD Preview' and it told me it couldn't find anything. That's the exact title of my Series V preview so I'm not sure how it's missing that out.

Posted by Cappsy at February 10, 2004 09:44 PM

Google takes a while to get used to anything - it's rarely instant.

It can take months for things to appear after submission.

Posted by Darrell Jones at February 10, 2004 10:23 PM

"We've been removed! Wah!"


They're scared of this impulse, that's all. You can't be trusted. One minute you're like a puppy all glazed up and bleating, the next you're grouping about cursing, pressing yourselves against glass and writing "NINJAS" in red permanent ink. And it's not that it's sudden, it's that they don't know what caused it. They don't know what buttons were pressed. Cunts.

Posted by 'tle Britain at February 11, 2004 12:08 PM

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